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Numbers cufflinks available from The Cufflink Club.  Buy our number cufflinks individually so you can make any number you want.  Maybe get some 4 and 0 cufflinks for that special 40th birthday.

Our number cufflinks have been specifically set up as sold  individual cufflinks and not as a pair.  This is so that you can get any number combination you would like.  We don’t want you to have to buy 2 pairs of numbers to only want one of each of them.  That is a waste of money and a waste of a cufflink.

These number cufflinks are made from a die cast metal in the shape of the number.  They are then coated in a hard wearing silver rhodium plate.  This gives them a shiny smooth look, that gleams.

All of our cufflinks come presented in a black cufflink box which showcases them perfectly.  If you want the extra wow factor when you give them as a gift, think about upgrading to our metallic box.