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Profession/Trade cufflinks category has so many job role cufflinks it is hard to list them all.  We have stethoscope cufflinks for doctors and engineering tools cufflinks for Engineers.  If you are a tradie, we have drill cufflinks or hammer and saw cufflinks.  So many professions and so many cufflink options.

This profession/trade cufflinks range is stuffed full of cufflinks.  We have cufflinks for most mainstream careers and even some less mainstream!  From IT themed, to medical, to builder to dentist, we have them all covered.

The cufflinks within this section are all die cast metal as a base.  Some are coated in a gold or silver coloured rhodium plate.  Whereas others are covered in a deep, glossy enamel which is hard wearing and durable.  Both out coatings are made to last keeping you cufflink in prime condition.

Cufflinks can get express shipped to Melbourne, Canberra or any of the other cities in Australia.  We offer same day shipping to for when you really need to get those cufflinks quickly.